Fibreglass Garage roof

Fibreglass – GRP Flat Roofing – GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Polyester. Also known as Glass-Fibre or Fibreglass Fibreglass – GRP Roofing is a visually attractive, reliable method to weather-proof flat, or pitched roofs. It is low maintenance and easily cleaned. with a 20+ years warranty, it is cost-effective. So what do you need, or what’s involved in a fibreglass roof? Materials

  • Roofing Resin
  • Fibreglass Matting – often called Chopped Strand Matting or CSM
  • Roofing Topcoat
  • Catalyst or Hardener
  • Roofing Edge Trims
  • Fibreglass bandage
  • The Tools to install the roof (See Tools section Below)

You can purchase the above individually but RKD has created Fibreglass Roofing Kits which have pre-measured material quantities to suit your need. So not to worry! The objective here is to install a seamless and continuous waterproof roof. Seamless is good, remember the low maintenance element. Fibreglass – GRP roofing, in a nutshell, consists of wetting out layers of Chopped Strand Matting with resin infused with a catalyst to help it cure. See our guide ‘How to Fibreglass a flat roof’ for step by step help and more detailed support When cured, your roof will have the strength and importantly a single continuous waterproof barrier across its surface..As a guide a single layer of 450gsm Chopped Strand Matting is ideal for a property that will have no footfall – for example, a garage, porch or garden room (Shed or outbuilding if you are down to earth) Where there is light footfall a single layer of 600gsm would be suitable, where heavy, two layers of 450 gsm matting would be recommended, for example on a balcony. (gsm = grams per square metre) So, you have checked the substrate or placed down new boards for the ideal base. You then lay the trims and blend in with bandage (Useful practice for the main fibreglass wet-out application) then apply the resin and fibreglass in ‘wet out’. The resin with its integral matting cures (goes hard and clear) – see how to install a fibreglass roof – to finish off, the Roofing Topcoat is applied. There is a myriad of colour choices available but frankly, the cheapest are dark and light grey which by sheer coincidence are the most popular by a long way and give a professional and environmentally acceptable appearance.. The topcoat isn’t just a coat of paint, although it goes on just like one, it too has a catalyst infused and thus adds strength and solidity to the fibreglass layer itself. Fire retardant? – You can purchase a Fire retardant topcoat – in layman’s terms retardancy is down to the thickness of topcoat application – 0.8kg/m2 is considered effective. You will have seen many flat roofs with lichen and moss growing on them and ivy bursting through – you don’t get this with GRP. If you need to clean, some soapy water and a brush will do the job. So in summary what are the benefits for you in installing a fibreglass GRP roof

  • Safe installation – no heat required and basic tools
  • Durability and Strength: – A life expectancy of 20 years plus
  • Flexibility: Fibreglass can be easily moulded and trims available are extensive in selection. Remember everything is easily cut, if you’ve got a pair of sinips your in business.
  • Waterproof: NO seams
  • Highly resistant to weathering/aging: Waterproof Topcoat finish
  • Straight forward to repair and maintain: Easy to clean.

ToolsMany of the tools needed to support your installation is standard – buckets, rollers, snips, tape measure, brushes. Trimming knife and so forth. But you will need a couple of specialist tools –

  • paddle roller(s) – these are used to integrate the resin and chopped strand matting with a bubble free finish (hence these are also called Bubble buster rollers)
  • Catalyst Dispenser – very useful for ensuring the right amount of catalyst is added to resin and topcoat

PLEASE – Don’t forget protective equipment – Roofing Kits Direct understand only too well both the safety and cleanliness angles here – Gloves – Masks – throwaway coveralls – goggles or safety specs – don’t be macho – just get them and wear them – you won’t regret it. Why choose Roofing Kits Direct for your GRP Roof kit

  • Experience in the field
  • Quality products – Premium and Cost Effective
  • Kits by property size and from 1 to 100M2.
  • Full selection of roof edge trims
  • 30 day return policy
  • Next day delivery

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