Can EPDM be painted? The blunt answer is, yes! If you would like to paint an EPDM roof it’s best to use acrylic paint that has been specifically designed for use on a rubber roof. It’s always best to double-check with the manufactures first.

Can EPDM be recycled? Yes, EPDM has a high calorific fuel value of around 32.6mj/kg. It contains a large number of organic materials and thus makes it a great resource for fuel. It has also been known to make low-grade rubber mats and also flooring for lots of children’s playgrounds across the UK.

Is EPDM toxic? Absolutely not. There is a very low environmental harm caused in making the materials themselves. The rubber roof emits no toxic substances at all.

Can EPDM be used on a pitched roof? Although at RKD we supply materials for flat roofs, EPDM can be used for low pitched roofs. We often find that our customers love the EPDM for their sheds. The membrane itself is so versatile and easy to install that it’s ideal for lower pitched roofs.

Can you glue EPDM to EPDM? Yes, but not with your average Pritt stick! You can join the membranes using primer on each side of the base and the new joining membrane. The use splice tape onto the base sheet on top of the primer. You can then lay the overlap you wish to join and flatten it out with a seam roller.

Can I install EPDM on top of Plywood? Yes, however, it is of course worth checking the condition prior to installing a new roof. If you find the timber has rot then it would need removing and replacing first.

How long will EPDM last? Due to the strong nature of EPDM when it comes to UV rays and damage, they can last 50 years or even longer. This is the life expectancy after correct installation.

EPDM, what does it mean? EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer which is a synthetic rubber.

Can I put EPDM over felt? No, and we don’t recommend it either. The problem with laying EPDM over felt is that it can release oils into the membrane which then penetrate and damage the molecular structure. Therefore causing the EPDM to fail and not be fit for purpose.

Is EPDM safe? Yes, it’s an extremely safe material and has a very easy install process. So apart from being on the roof in the first place, we would probably say it’s one of the safest methods available.

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