Last year we sent out a survey to 100s of our customers to get a better understanding of what we do well and what we could improve on. After analysing the feedback we were really pleased to find out that our customer service shines through, however, there were some minor weak points within our site in terms of the customer journey to purchase.

Our new site boasts a faster load time for products, to cater for those who know what they need.

We studied in depth the use of mobile devices and focused on creating a site that is fully optimised to be used on the go and responsive.

We have also ensured that we had a “Smart” search installed on the new site that picks products up from the smallest search term i.e. 10m kit giving our customers the chance to browse their options.

Our customers can now create personalised profiles, they can favourite items they may be thinking about purchasing and retain details for ease of ordering.

There have been lots of tweaks to our in house processing of orders and we are confident in the steps we have taken to help minimise the rare human error.

We have also now focused on our marketing capabilities to enable us to share our sales, introduce new products and share company news. You can rest assured we do not sell any data to any third parties and won’t spam your inbox.

As a company we have made this investment with you in mind, so please feel free to send any feedback to