What is an outbuilding?

What is an outbuilding? An outbuilding (aka an “annex”) is a separate building that’s used for storage or as a workshop. Outbuildings can be used for many purposes, including home offices, extra bedrooms and bathrooms, garages, cabins/campsites, studios, workshops and more.

Outbuildings are often detached from the main house on your property so that if you want to use your property for something else in the future (like renting out or selling it), there won’t be any unnecessary restrictions on what you can do with the land surrounding it.

How much does a garden room cost?

  • You’ll find that outbuildings come in all shapes and sizes, which means the cost will vary greatly. It’s worth spending some time doing your research to figure out exactly what you want from your garden room before you start shopping around for material quotes and labour. 
  • Outbuildings are usually close by, so it’s important that they look good when viewed from inside the home. 

The best roofing supplies to use for your outbuilding.

Our kits are fully designed with these projects in mind. No matter the size or shape, when it comes to flat roofs we can almost always help you to build an affordable quote for supplies. You could try using one of our handy calculators Here. 

A beautiful Outbuilding by Pearce Contractors in Tadworth Epsom Reigate Banstead Dorking Surrey Berkshire

How to keep your outbuilding warm in winter.

To keep your outbuilding warm in winter, you can:

  • Insulate the roof.
  • Insulate the walls.
  • Insulate the floor.

To really make sure that you’re keeping your outbuilding warm, you’ll want to think about using a heater and/or a fan (for example). You should also consider using insulation for any windows or doors in your building so that no heat will escape through them. This can be done by installing curtains or blinds over them when not in use and keeping them closed at all times except when needed for ventilation purposes. It’s important to remember that fabrics made from natural materials such as wool tend to retain more heat than synthetic ones like polyester.

Outbuildings make great additions to any home and are affordable too.

Outbuildings are an affordable way to extend your home and increase usable space. If you have a large garden or want somewhere for safe storage, then an outbuilding is ideal for you.

Outbuildings can be used for workshops, play areas or even as a bar. They provide a great space for hobbies such as gardening and woodworking. They can also be used to store items such as bikes or tools that may not fit in the house.

If you’re looking at adding an extension but are unsure about the cost of doing so, it might be worth considering building an outbuilding instead. It will often be cheaper than extending your existing property.


If you’re looking for a way to expand your home and make it more functional, an outbuilding is the way to go. You can get a little one that’s just big enough for storage or an enormous one that has room for all your hobbies and interests.