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How to cover a shed with a new EPDM roof

If you are replacing an existing roof covering, carefully remove the timber battens or edging previously used to secure the edge of the old roof covering. If they are in good condition they can be re-used unless you plan to fit new timber. Remove the old felt, any nails, sharps and repair any rotten roof timbers. You are now ready to follow the instructions below. Unpack the roof membrane. Carefully position the membrane over roof deck allowing it to hang over the roof on all sides. You may find this easier with two people. Allow 30 minutes for the membrane to relax Applying adhesive - approach one side at a time. First intermittently tape down with gaffa tape the side you are not fixing - t

My Resin has failed to cure (Harden) Why and what can I do - help?

So your laminate is still wet and the resin uncured. There aren't any other symptoms. This can happen for the following reasons The resin and catalyst haven't been mixed thoroughly enough You have used the wrong catalyst for example summer catalyst in winter You haven't added enough catalyst to cope with the temperature What do you do? Check you are using the right catalyst for the season/temperature Catalyse another batch of resin with increased level of catalyst (double if necessary) Roll this new batch vigorously in to the deck resin Tips - always check the temperature before adding hardener always check the mixing chart, not once but twice

How much hardener?

RKD understand that this element causes most concern when installing a fibreglass flat roof. Indeed this is the question most asked by trade and DIY alike and it is the area where most subsequent issues arise in the roofing installation. So first tip Always make sure that you thoroughly mix catalyst into resin and topcoat Always use a proper catalyst dispenser to ensure your measure is correct Remember too much catalyst can cause failure to cure just as easily as too little. Pot life - resin will cure quicker if left in the bucket (about 20 mins) so mix little and often as you go. The climatic conditions (temperature) will effect curing time - generally the hotter the faster Most queries ari


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