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Can I use EPDM membrane to construct a green or Eco Roof?

A Green Roof, which is often called an 'eco-roof' or 'living roof' is a roof which is wholly or partly covered with vegetation and a growing medium. This is planted over a waterproofing membrane. EPDM Rubber is ideal for green roof construction and widely used as the waterproof membrane of choice. EPDM wins out as it is very easy to install, highly durable and resilient - the perfect medium. ECO roofs are designed to absorb rainwater, provide increased insulation, create a habitat for wildlife. These are becoming increasingly popular in the city environment and help lower urban air island temperatures. RKD would add that eco conscious diy enthusiasts are increasingly looking at green roof o


RKD understand that fixing GRP trims is perhaps the first and most straightforward element of installing a fibreglass roof. This of course assumes that your decking, which is preferably 18mm OSB has been laid. For the first time installer or DIY enthusiast please ensure that you fix the trims to the deck with ring shank/clout/felt nails. Screws have a tendency to split the trim. You can also use PU adhesive where you think expansion needs to be considered. Ensure your nails are completely flat to the trim. Pictures paint a thousand words, so below are simple diagrams of how to fix our most popular trims. Our diagrams show all trims with and where bandaging is applied. The Wall Fillet trim -

How to install EPDM pipe wrap (video)

RKD rubber EPDM kits are founded using the ClassBond membrane. In our series of video blogs please find below a video guide for installing EPDM Pipe wrap.

How to join or seam EPDM membrane (Text)

Joining membrane sheets is straightforward but requires a little care to complete a smooth finish. 150mm PS tape/strip The membrane should be positioned so that the width of the seam is 75mm (3”). Mark a line 5mm (1/4”) from the leading seam edge. 1) Fold the top sheet back to expose the seam area. Using a scrubbing pad apply the ClassicBond Primer to the seam area. Apply the primer past the seam edge e to the line. Primer must be dry before application of PS tapes. NOTE: If the EPDM membrane is contaminated with dirt, etc., clean the seam area. 2) Using moderate pressure set the Seam Tape into place to keep air from being trapped under the tape and unroll the 75mm wide tape along the length

Is Rubber or EPDM Roofing a good choice?

The short answer is yes - there are many reasons to choose an EPDM roof solution. If you are looking for flat roof materials with long lasting ability, and well within the DIY users capability, EPDM is a great choice. Highly cost effective, easy to install, long lasting and recyclable. You will note that we refer to Rubber Roofing and EPDM. EPDM is the term professionals use, it stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer and is a flat roofing material designed to be able to stand up to the most extreme conditions that a flat roof will face. Durability is the key factor that provides EPDM with long lasting ability. Roofing Kits Direct provide Rubber- EPDM flat roof kits and materials which h

How much does a fibreglass roof cost?

Good Question. Below we have tried to indicate possible costs - this isn't a sales piece, more information. - If you'd like to see our kits go here. Otherwise this is an information post. There are quite a lot of variables, such as post code - The market dynamics mean a roof in London and the SE will cost more to instal than a roof in say Leeds. This is due to labour and overheads costs being higher. The big question however is are you going to do this yourself or pay for a builder/roofer to do it? The cost impact for DIY is highly beneficial on your bank balance. Modern fibreglass roofing kits, such as those supplied by RKD and others, are easy to instal if your are a reasonably competent d


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