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August Bank Holiday Offer

RKD bring a new offer to our customers and prospective clients for the August Bank Holiday Week End. Not only are we continuing our Summer Sale of 17% off Tricure Fibreglass kits and 11% off our TriRoof kits but for the Bank holiday week end only we are offering free delivery on all our fibreglass roof kits and product orders over £50 Happy Holiday

How to install a green roof using EPDM membrane

Before you consider the ECO roof option make certain that you ensure your roof structure is sound and structurally strong enough. Example types of ECO roofs and make-up An intensive green roof - replicate ground level garden Sedum Blanket Sedum Substrate Filter flleece Bio Drain Root Barrier RKD EPDM membrane Depth 120mm A Bio Diverse roof Wildflower, aggregate Biodiverse soil mix Filter fleece Bio Drain Root barrier RKD EPDM membrane Depth - various An Extensive low maintenance roof Planting, paving, decking Intensive soil Filter Fleece Geo Drain Root Barrier RKD EPDM membrane Depth - Various General installation 1) Install your tanalised wooden frame which will retain the green roof compon

How to install Russ Strip to upstands (Text)

RKD provide Russ Strip installation in text to enable users to print and refer to onsite. Intro In common with most single ply material EPDM will, overtime, try to shrink back to the centre. The base tie-in controls the membrane movement and stops the membrane pulling away where the membrane turns up through an angle change. The rest of the movement is accommodated by the membrane and its ability to elongate by over 300%. ClassicBond PS RUSS (Reinforced Universal Secure Strip) is used to mechanically secure EPDM membranes to the substrate. The strip has tape pre-applied along one edge, and can be installed horizontally or vertically in conjunction with Seam Fastening Plates below the EPDM m

How to install an EPDM Rubber roof (text)

To complement our EPDM installation video blog Roofing Kits Direct would also proffer a text version which can be easily printed off for on site reference. Intro The RKD selection of ClassicBond Kits and membranes offer a fully-adhered system which will adhere to wood, wood fibreboard and lightweight concrete. DO NOT apply to polystyrene insulation. Water Based Acrylic Adhesive is intended for bonding to timber surfaces only. Other surfaces must be bonded with Bonding Adhesive. Roofs over 100m² must also be installed with Bonding Adhesive. Be sure the roof surface is clean, free of dust, dirt, rust, oil, grease, and loose material. The roof surface must be dry. This product will not adhere

How to install an EPDM Roof (Video)

Roofing Kits Direct offer ClassicBond membrane roofing kits for Flat roofs, extensions, garages, porches, Dormers and more. We find that pictures paint a thousand words so invite users to view the video below which shows how to install a simple flat roof with the gutter on one long edge. Please see our other blog videos which show - Seams Pipe wrap insulation Pipe Seal Installation EPDM to an Upstand Internal corner Installation External Corner installation

How much does a rubber EPDM flat roof cost?

Good Question. Below we have tried to indicate possible costs - this isn't a sales piece, more information. - If you'd like to see our kits go here. Otherwise this is an information post. There are quite a lot of variables, such as post code - The market dynamics mean a roof in London and the SE will cost more to install than a roof in say Leeds. This is due to labour and overheads costs being higher. The big question however is are you going to do this yourself or pay for a builder/roofer to do it? The cost impact for DIY is highly beneficial on your bank balance. Modern rubber roofing kits, such as those supplied by RKD and others, are very easy to install if your are a reasonably competen

How to clean your fibreglass roof

Cleaning a fibreglass roof is straightforward especially if this is done periodically. Safety precautions and consideration of others may need a bit of extra thought and preparation. Remember you are dealing with a roof and the almost mandatory dangers of height - Even just a garage or porch height can be very dangerous. Accidents happen out of the blue, that's their nature. Going at it 'Gung Ho' will just increase the risk. Think about, and plan, what you are doing, be diligent and careful yourself, and think about any affect on third parties and their safety. People don't look at roofs really, even their owners, unless a problem arises. Your cleaning shows that perhaps you are ahead of the

How to install a fibreglass roof

How to install a Fibreglass a flat roof Below is a guide for Fibreglass roofing installation. As each project is different this guide cannot be a definitive but provides good basic direction to install your project. As everyone is aware, but don't always action, the key to any successful project lies in good foundations and preparation. No matter how good the fibreglass roof installation is, if the timber work supporting it is suspect this will always cause issues down the line. RKD recommend the use of OSB (Oriented Strand Board) decking for laying our new fibreglass roof onto. We lean towards the T&G option. OSB 3 comes in 2 types - 8’ x 4’ (2400mm x 1200mm) sheets and T&G in 8’ x 2’ (2400

RKD Summer Discount Sale

Reaction from our customer base to our TriCure and TriRoof fibreglass roof kit ranges has simply been outstanding. Following our launch sales campaign we are pleased to keep our customers at the very forefront of competitive pricing with our Summer Sale. Premium 450gsm & 600Gsm Kits Standard 450gsm kits 17% summer sale discount on our Standard Fibreglass Roofing Kits - some of the best prices available in the UK - great product, next day delivery! 11% summer sale discount on our Premium Fibreglass Roof Kits - Get 25 year guaranteed products for only a fraction more than most standard roof-kits available! More about our Tricel top quality products which form the basis of

Is Fibreglass roofing better than EPDM

Well here's a question we get asked quite frequently. In frankness it's all in personal perception and the project you are envisaging. Both systems have first class waterproofing qualities. So in a line the answer is yes and no - depends on circumstance really. Each system has its fans. Whose to say which is best? Roofing Kits Direct provide both systems and so we are not biased. Below are appraisals of the two systems where we have tried not to be influenced by personal opinion nor rumour. Remember your building or roofing contractor may have a preference - if so they are likely to do a better job using materials they are familiar with. Life expectancy and Longevity. Very good for both pro


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