EPDM Rubber Roofing vs. traditional Felt.

RKD love straight forward honesty, we don't sell felt online, although we seriously researched doing so. Pragmatically you can get it down the road anywhere. 

However without bias we see some advantages for homeowners, businesses and roofers in rubber roofing which perhaps highlight a better alternative for them. EPDM is very DIY friendly and a timesaver for trade flat roofing installers.

Garden room with Rubber membrane flat roofing kit and trims
Juxtaposed garages with EPDM membrane roofing kits and trims installed
Outdoor room overlooking the ocean with onepiece rubber membrane roof


EPDM roofing material is a dark grey slate colour. OK, not aesthetic perfection but it looks natural and doesn’t easily show dirt.


EPDM won't support the growth of moss and you don't need to add ballast or chippings to enhance the look.

Typical semi detached house with rubber roofing kit and trims applied to adjoining porch and garage
'Orangery' style roof with Rubber roofing kit installed