Fibreglass Roofing - Components or Kits? - you choose!

If you know the width and depth measurements of your roof you can readily work out the material components you will need to install your fibreglass roof using the calculator.

This is great for the contractor who may have a bank of materials and tools and simply require a top up.


For the DIY installer you can use the calculator and the links to the right to compare best options between kits and components.

Don't forget the fibreglass trims, nor tools which you will need to consider.

Kit Option Alternatives

Premium Kits
Premium fibreglass roofing kits
Colour Kits
Premium colour fibreglass roofing kits
Fire Retardant Kits
Premium fire retardant fibreglass roofing kits
Standard Kits
Standard fibreglass roofing kits
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Materials and Supplies

C.S.M - 450gsm
Fibreglass chopped strand matting 450 gsm
C.S.M 600gsm
Fibreglass chopped strand matting 600 gsm
Premium Resin
Premium fibreglass roofing resin
Premium Topcoat
Premium fibreglass roofing topcoat
Clear topcoat
Premium clear fibreglass topcoat - ready for colour pigment
FR Topcoat
Premium fire retardant topcoat
Low Cost Resin
Standard fibreglass roofing resin
Low Cost Topcoat
Standard fibreglass roofing topcoat
Fibreglass Trims
Fibreglass - GRP roofing edge trims
PPE Kits
Fibreglass roofing PPE kits
Fibreglass roofing - catalyst and dispensers
Fibreglass roofing tools and tool kits
Fibreglass roofing - cleaning - acetone
Fibreglass roofing - adhesives and sealants
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