Liquid Systems Flat Roofing - Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have provided a listing of the most frequently asked questions arising in regard to Liquid System roofing.

These have been refined from real user queries and we trust that their queries will help you with any such concerns you may have

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one coat liquid waterproofing system - before and after

How do I prepare the roof surface before applying ElastaThane?

You must ensure that all surfaces are clean (properly clean) dry and free from any debris or dirt. Read More -

How thick is the ElastaThane coating?

Applied in one coat the same day as primed the ElastaThane coating is of course dependent upon the application and applicator. However the coating is designed to be about 1.2mm thick.

Does it need to be dry when ElastaThane is applied?

The simple answer is yes. Rubber membranes will not adhere to the substrate unless it is dry. Ther adhesives and primers need to effectively bond the rubber to the roof deck or substrate. Any trapped moisture will affect the performance of the Elastathane.

Straight out of the tin sounds good, but is this the best solution for me?

Which is the best solution for a rubber roof? RKD provide 5 EPDM roofing solutions. To help our clients choose the best solution please - Read More -

I see you provide Elastatex what is this?

Elastatex is a reinforcement scrim. This is used where there may be weak areas and strengthening joints, flashings, cracks etc. Read more -

ElastaThane Detailer ?

Often used in areas where Elastatex is difficult to apply. Available in 5L and 15L tins it is fibre reinforced - it is used as the title suggests and is ideal for protecting flashings and upstands (flat to vertical areas) ElastaThane Detailer is fast curing with no further reinforcement necessary Read More -

How do I ensure a 1.2mm coating?

Simple - wherever possible mark your roof out in a grid. Specs indicate that ideal usage is 1.5 - 1.8 kg per sq. m and it is very important to have the right amount of product per sq.m. For example a 5kg tin if applied correctly should cover about 3 sq m. - a 15kg tin 10 sq. m. The above guideline will ensure a 1.2 - 1.3 thickness.

Is there anywhere I shouldn't use ElastaThane?

Whilst very practical ElastaThane is not a miracle solution. If your roof substrate is unsound you need to tackle this properly. Also It's not a quick swimming pool waterproofing liner, Water in swimming pools is chemically treated and this will neagatively affect performance. Don't forget - Primer needs to be applied pre application.

When is it safe to walk on the roof?

You will need to leave the roof until it is fully Polymerised. RKD would recommend 48hrs to be safe

Is ElastaThane compliant with Regulations?

Yes The product complies with the EU guideline for this type of materials, ΕΟΤΑ (European Organization of Technical Approval).

Does temperature affect application of ElastaThane?

Yes. If it's too cold - ie below 5 Degrees C - don't even start. Also drying time (curing) will be dependent upon the climatic conditions. Generally the lower the surface temperature the longer it will be - anywhere between 2 hours and 2 days.