Liquid Roofing System Kits

ClassicLiquid Waterproofing flat roof kits - straight out of the tin. Couldn't be easier. 


Next day delivery available - Designed specifically for overlay - all that tedious strip back avoided.

Options for upstands, verticals, sealants and flex reinforcement etc.

The ClassicLiquid system is a rapid curing polyurethane liquid membrane designed for overlaying existing roofing systems to create a durable and seamless waterproof layer. 

This is a full Roofing System - Full Details of all our kit products and Component can be found HERE


- Tool Kits are available - All with Next day delivery options

One coat liquid waterproofer, ElastaThane 25 applied to roof with multiple upstand details
Liquid roofing Kit

A  new roofing / waterproofing solution for flat roof repair and new flat roof applications.


Like fibreglass systems, Flexitec 2020 uses a hardener for rapid curing and is reinforced with fibreglass Chopped Strand Mat for extra strength and crack-resistance. The Flexitec system uses a powder hardener. The finished membrane is extremely tough, impact resistant and can easily accommodate foot traffic.


On top of this Flexitec has an added flexible technology. It is possible to overlay all common roof surfaces such as felt, concrete, asphalt, GRP and timber – meaning roofs can be transformed without the need for strip and replace works.


Whatever the size, configuration or complexity of the roof, Flexitec 2020 provides a seamless, tough and flexible membrane to any roof or balcony area.

Full details and benefits can be found HERE

garage roof before flexitec
garage roof after flexitec
restec - flexitec roofing kit

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