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Fibreglass GRP Overlay Kits

GRP roofing overlay kits. Highly flexible, rapid installation with walk-on times of 30-60 minutes.

Our Flexitec 2020 system covers almost any roof surfaces e.g. felt, asphalt, concrete, GRP, PVC single-ply, metal or OSB3.

Our kits come in two options - 10 year and 20 year versions. Each range comes with familiar square metre options.
Each Kit includes a suite of primer, resin, hardener, CSM and taping mat. In addition you can purchase edge trims as with any fibreglass roof.


Delivery lead times

Fibreglass Products 2 - 4 working days

Rubber and Liquid Products 2 - 7 working days


Product advisories:-

Fibreglass Bandage OUT OF STOCK

Rubber Membrane 1.2 and 1.5mm temporarily OOS for up to 10 days

Masks -OOS - our tool kits will not include them for a short while