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Rubber Roofing Kits 1.2mm - 2.5m2 - 100m2

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These kits are ideal for Porches, extensions, garages, bay windows, dormers, outbuildings etc.

Build your own roof kit -

Your M2 basic kit of epdm and adhesives - then add trims + tools + drain + supplies - everything you need, but only if you want them - You choose.

NB - All our kits accommodate for overhang allowance

Easy to install Ideal for all flat roofs
50 year life expectancy Suit both trade and DIY installers
1 piece membrane provision Buy kit with or without trims,
Installation guide Buy kit with or without tools,
Installation videos here Buy with or without sealants

Included in your basic square metre Kit:

  • 1.2mm thick ClassicBond EPDM Membrane (1 piece)
  • Water Based Adhesive to adhere membrane to roof deck
  • Contact adhesive to adhere perimeter of roof deck to Membrane


If you want trims, great - add them in or not as you require.

What trim, where?

Sure Edge Drip Trim This is for the gutter edge of your roof
Sure Edge Kerb Trim This trim directs water away from the edge and directs it to the gutter edge trim
Sure Edge Corner tidies up where side trims meet
Wall edge trim This acts as flashing against your house wall
External corner patches & primer for both back corners if your roof rear edge adjoins property wall

Working out what trims you need

Drip & kerb trims are 2.5m in length Wall edge trim (flashing) 3m in length
clips and screws are included
joiners are included

So to calculate what trims, take each elevation individually.

Divide the elevation measurement by - 2.5m for kerb and drip or 3m for wall elevation

eg 5.5m / 2 5 = 2.2 round up to the next whole number - You need 3 trims for this elevation

take the sides together, again divide by 2.5 etc

Corners - if your roof is detached you need 4 - - if adjoining a property you need 2 corners and 2 external patches where the roof rear corners meets the wall

Internal Drain Kit

If you need this option, great - add it in or not as you require.

Kit Contains:

1 x Internal Drain 68mm

1x 9" Uncured Flashing Tape 300mm

1x 250ml EPDM Primer

1x Leaf Grate


If you want tools, great, add them in or not as you require.

Our Installation kit includes

  1. Roller Set to apply Water Based Adhesive
  2. Mini roller to apply Contact Adhesive
  3. Brush to apply Primer if needed
  4. Scissors to cut Membrane
  5. Diy Seam Roller to apply Corner Patches - as required (also good for ensuring perimeter adhesion)

What if your roof requirement is a little more complex -

Don't worry - click on this link EPDM QUOTE outline your roof circumstances and we will give you a price within a working day.

OR why not call our MD, Neil Sutton, unlike many he maintains close contact with customers and sees all orders no matter their size - 02381 229016

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