Platinum Fire Rated Fibreglass Roof kits

TriRoof Fire Retardant Kits form one of the highest safety fibreglass roof kits available.


New builds and replacement roofs often stipulate fire retardant and high specifications - as such our kits include - 

  • TriRoof Resin which is a 100% pure, zero blend, Polyester Roofing Resin. Certified and tested by Lloyd’s

  • TriRoof Fire Retardant Topcoat - fire rating of EXT.F.AB according to BS476 part 3:2004. It is pigmented to Dark Grey 18-B-25.

Our PLATINUM FR kits are available in 3 options - 450gsm, 600gsm and double layer of 450gsm (grams per m2) -


450gsm - is the standard choice of fibreglass roof. It will accept light foot traffic for maintenance etc.
600gsm - is designed for regular foot traffic - many property owners choose this weight of kit for extra confidence in their roof durability.
A double layer of 450gsm - is designed for when roof foot traffic will be noticeably heavy. Balconies, walkways, first floor patio

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