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1 Kg Polyester pigment

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Product Information

Our polyester pigments are designed to compliment TriRoof clear topcoat which is marine grade and safe to use on ponds etc and also suitable for fibreglass roofing projects

Polyester Colour Pigments are added to resins and gelcoats to provide a deep uniform colour. The pigment dispersion resin is a non-reactive resin and can act as a plasticiser so no more should be added than needed. The best way is to add small amounts, starting with 1%-2% and increase as required. Dark colours will require 5%-7% addition.

For quantities required – as a guide you should order 1 Kg of pigment for 5kg of resin

5 kg resin – 1kg pigment

10kg resin – 2kg pigment

20 kg resin – 4 kg pigment

Pigments need to be mixed into the resin using a suitable drill and paddle mixer – you should mix for circa 5mins to ensure full immersion.