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2.5m2 Restec Fibreglass Roofing Kit 450g

Your kit includes Matt, Resin, Topcoat and Catalyst

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Product Information

2.5m2 Fire Retardant Fibreglass Roofing Kit –

A made in the UK product specifically manufactured and designed for the purpose of flat roofing

  • Simple and quick installation with a waterproof finish that is proven to last
  • Every resin batch is tested to a rigorous specification
  • Fire Retardant – tested to BS 476-3:2004 with a BROOF(t4) and F.AB result
  • Unrestricted use under Building Regulations –LABC approved
  • 20 year materials guarantee 
  • Attractive finish to complement any home – dark admiralty grey
  • Cold applied for maximum safety
  • Application in temperatures as low as 5°C or as high as 30°C
  • Totally seamless membrane – no joints, no welds, no weak points
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards for consistent quality

Kit Contents? – see Product Content below

Advisories –

Fibreglass Roofing Kit support

  1. USE 18mm OSB3 T&G boarding – (8′ x 2′)
  2. USING 8 X 4 SHEETS?  Go here for extra resin/bandage if needed
  3. NEED EDGE TRIMS?  Go here for GRP edge trims


Product Content

Your 2.5m2 Restec Fibreglass Roofing Kit 450g contains –

4 X 450g CSM m2
1 X Restec 1010  Resin 5 kg
1 X Restec 1010 Topcoat 5kg
1 X Catalyst 1 ltr


If tool kit is chosen this will include –

Small kit is ideal for roof upto 20m2 and includes:

1 x Catalyst (hardener) Dispenser,

1 x 230 x 21 Paddle,

1 x 75 x 21 Paddle,

2 x 3″ Roller Set,

1 x 7″ Roller Frame,

4 x 7″ Roller Sleeves ,

1 x Telescopic Pole,

2 x 5.6 Litre Plastic Bucket,

2 x 3″ Brush



Application Manual
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Fire certification
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Building Regs approval
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Fact Sheet
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