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30m2 custom black TriCure 450g Classic Fibreglass Roofing kit

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Product Information

TriCure components form our Classic range of Fibreglass – GRP Roofing Kits. Designed for Contractors and DIY alike, this is a reliable, cost-effective GRP System especially formulated for roofing keeping both quality and costs in mind – Each Classic 30 m2 kit includes blended resin, topcoat, catalyst, matting and bandage.

Our 30m2 Classic Kits come in 3 choices of matting weight – 450gsm, 600gsm and 2 x layer of 450gsm.

  • 450g – the best selling – accepts light foot traffic for maintenance
  • 600g – the homeowners favourite – regular foot traffic
  • 2 layers 450g – for heavy foot traffic


  1. USE 18mm OSB 3 T&G boarding – (8′ x 2′)
  2. USING 8 X 4 SHEETS?  Go here for extra resin/bandage if needed
  3. NEED EDGE TRIMS?  Go here for GRP edge trims


Product Content

The breakdown of your roofing kit options are below –

30m2  Classic 450g
34 X 450g CSM m2
2 X TriCure  Resin 20 kg
1 X TriCure  Topcoat 20 kg- black
1 X Catalyst – Winter 500 ml
2 X Catalyst – Winter 1 ltr
1 X Bandage 50 x 75




Fibreglass Installation Guide
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Catalyst Addition Charts
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TriCure Resin MSDS
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TriCure Resin TDS
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