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45m2 Trade Line Fibreglass Roofing Kit 600g

Trade Line Fibreglass Roofing Kits are a quality, cost effective flat roofing solution.

  • Good quality general purpose resin
  • Quality, low viscosity topcoat.- RAL 7011 (Iron Grey)
  • Choose to include a tool kit if required.
  • Choice of catalyst speed re season.

£539.00 ex VAT   (£578.00)
£646.80 incl VAT   (£693.60)

Product Information

45m2 Trade Line Fibreglass Roofing Kit 600g

Trade Line Resin Roofing Kits are our best sellers –

Perfect for roofing projects where new build fire rated certification isn’t required.

Fibreglass Flat Roof Kit Contents

1 x 600g CSM 25kg
1 x 600g CSM 5kg
4 x Trade Line Resin 20 kg.
1 x Trade Line Topcoat 5 kg.
1 x Trade Line Topcoat 20 kg.
1 x 65m Bandage
7 x Catalyst 500g
1 x Catalyst 100g

If a tool kit is chosen this will include –

Large tool kit –

1 x Surgical Gloves – Box
2 x Paddle Roller – 225×21
2 x Roller Arm – 180mm
10 x Deep Pile Sleeve – 180mm
5 x Short Pile Sleeve – 180mm
2 x Brush – 75mm
5 x Bucket – 10 Litre
1 x Acetone – 5 Litre
2 x Telescopic Extension Arm
1 x Paste Hand Cleaner – 1 litre

Advisories –

We recommend 18mm OSB3 T&G boarding 

Go here for extra resin/bandage if needed

Go here for GRP Edge Trims

For Guides and Advice on installation  –  GO HERE

Product Content

TRADE LINE Fibreglass Flat Roof Kits

RKD Trade Line Fibreglass Roofing Kits, RAL 7011 (Iron Grey), form our best selling and most cost effective solution for your Flat Roofing needs. 

With Roofing Kits Direct ‘Cost Effective’ means best value – good quality fibreglass roofing yet purposely designed and competitively priced for today’s cost conscious world.

When correctly installed a life expectancy of more than 20 years is expected.

  • Good quality general purpose resin
  • Good quality, low viscosity polyester topcoat.- RAL 7011 (Iron Grey)
  • You can choose to include a tool kit if required.
  • Specify catalyst speed to cope with seasonal temperature variations.

Our Trade Line Fibre glass roof kits are ideal for both DIY and Trade installation and offer ease and efficiency in installation giving a visual and long term waterproofing solution for your flat roof.

For advice on installation with guide and videos –  GO HERE

Trade Line GRP Roofing Kits are available in 3 different grades of matting weight – 

  1. 450g – the most popular grade to waterproof your flat roof – this grade enables low or maintenance foot traffic.
  2. 600g – Used where regular foot traffic is evident such as a balcony but often chosen by homeowners for security of extra durability and strength.
  3. 2 x 450g – extra strength for heavy foot traffic – balconies and walkways especially where metal furniture, BBQ’s or hot tubs are evident.

Roofing Kits Direct offer Trade Line Fibreglass Flat Roofing Kits in the following square metre sizes in each of our 450g, 600g and 2 x 450g ranges – 

  • 2.5m2 fibreglass flat roof kit, 
  • 5m2 fibreglass flat roof kit,  
  • 10m2 fibreglass flat roof kit, 
  • 15m2 fibreglass flat roof kit, 
  • 20m2 fibreglass flat roof kit, 
  • 25m2 fibreglass flat roof kit, 
  • 30m2 fibreglass flat roof kit, 
  • 35m2 fibreglass flat roof kit, 
  • 40m2 fibreglass flat roof kit, 
  • 45m2 fibreglass flat roof kit, 
  • 50m2 fibreglass flat roof kit, 
  • 60m2 fibreglass flat roof kit, 
  • 70m2 fibreglass flat roof kit, 
  • 80m2 fibreglass flat roof kit, 
  • 90m2 fibreglass flat roof kit, 
  • 100m2 fibreglass flat roof kit.

Pick the closest size above your roof square meterage – or – use our Get a Quote facility and we will provide a detailed quote free of charge.

To provide an accurate quote we would ideally like the width by depth of your roof – specifying the circumstance of each edge – for example gutter edge, wall or upstand edge and so forth.

Please give as much detail as you can.

To support our flat roofing kits we offer a complete range of GRP Roofing Edge Trims and corners.

Shipping and delivery

Our Trade Line Roofing GRP Roofing Kits and associated products are shipped the same day if ordered before noon.

They go out with the courier on next day delivery protocols.

 So in a perfect world you can order on Thursday and receive on Friday –

This often happens but in honesty sometimes the courier takes another day – Simply we’d rather be honest about this.

How much does a Trade Line Roofing Fiberglass Roof kit cost?

Well this of course will depend on your roof size and which grade of matting weight is suitable. However let us take a mean value of a fiberglass roof kit of 40m2 – 

  • A 450gsm regular kit costs £10.45 per square metre
  • A 600gsm heavy duty kit costs £12.41 per square metre
  • A 2 x 450gsm extra heavy duty kit costs £18.70 per square metre

These costs present a highly competitive value when compared to the UK market