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ClassicLiquid Top Coat 15 Kg

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Product Information

ClassicLiquid Top Coat (Grey) is a rapid curing polyurethane liquid membrane designed for overlaying existing roofing systems to create a durable and seamless waterproof layer.

This 15kg tin should be applied at a minimum rate of 1.5kg/sqm meaning that this will cover approximately 10 square metres depending on the existing surface of the roof.

The guarantee duration of this product can be increased by varying coverage rates:

10 year – 1.5Kg/sqm

15 year – 2.1Kg/sqm

20 year – 2.5Kg/sqm

20 year Balcony / Walkway – 2.5Kg/sqm + 300g/sqm in conjunction with Quartz Aggregate.

Recommended For Overlaying

Asphalt & bitumen roofs

EPDM membranes

GRP roofing systems

OSB3 T&G structural roof decks

Metal and fibre roof decks

Gypsum & cement Boards

Concrete Roofs

Why ClassicLiquid?

Very cost effect

Showerproof in 30 minutes

Trafficable in 24 hours

Single coat (of membrane) application possible

Bubble free smooth finish

Easy to apply

Excellent weather & UV resistance

Will remain elastic down to – 40°c

Will not soften in high temperatures

High tensile and tear strength, excellent abrasion resistance

Seamless finish


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