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ClassicLiquid Walkway 4 ltr

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Product Information

ClassicLiquid Walkway can be used in conjunction with Quartz Aggregate (0.4-0.8mm) to create a hard wearing, slip resistant coating over many surfaces, such as balconies and walkways.

Minimum coverage rate is 0.1ltr m2 per coat. This 4Kg tin will cover approximately 20 square metres

Drying time, 6-8 hours.

Walkway is easily applied by brush, roller or airless sprayer and will dry in 6-8 hours.

Features and Benefits:

  • Strong and uniform adhesion on almost any surface
  • Highly hydrophobic
  • Highly flexible even down to -40˚C
  • Excellent heat and UV resistance,
  • Can be pigmented

Recommended for:

  • balconies and walkways
  • Asphalt or bitumen roofs
  • Concrete surfaces, even garage floors
  • GRP roof lights
  • GRC tiles
  • Concrete pavers

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