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Felt Overlay Liquid Roofing Kits 90m2

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Product Information

These 90m2 kits are designed for Felt/Asphalt flat roof overlay installation and include reinforcing fabric which is applied in standard wet out topcoat/fabric/topcoat profile.

ClassicLiquid Reinforcing Fabric is a non-woven, spun-bound, polypropylene reinforced fabric which is installled on the roof between two coats of the ClassicLiquid Top Coat.

After the Primer has gone off  you apply the first layer of topcoat as normal, press the fabric into this (careful to keep smooth and even), then apply a second layer. Similar to fibreglass wet out

Your kit contains

  • Classic Liquid Primer
  • Classic Liquid Waterproof Coating (Top Coat)
  • Classic Liquid Reinforcing Fabric
  • Options to add detailer and joint sealer

These off the shelf kits do not include trims –  we have found that our customers prefer to choose any trims required for themselves.

If you wish to purchase trims separately – go here 

Need a toolkit – go here

RKD can always tailor a kit to suit your needs – see our get a quote form for your convenience.

Product Content
Topcoat 13 X 15 Kg
Primer 4 X 4 litre
225gsm fabric 4 X 25m Roll

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Primer data sheet
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Topcoat TDS
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