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Liquid Roofing Kits 60m2

Kit Profiles

10 year 60m2 kit – allows for application of Topcoat at 1.5Kg/sqm 

15 year 60m2 kit – allows for thicker application of Topcoat at 2.1Kg/sqm 

20 year 60m2 kit – allows for thickest application of Topcoat 2.5Kg/sqm 

In essence the increase in longevity of life expectancy means extra Topcoat is supplied in your kit to cover 60m2

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Product Information

ClassicLiquid Waterproofing 10m2 flat roof kits – straight out of the tin. Couldn’t be easier. Designed specifically for overlay – all that tedious strip back avoided.  Our kits are designed for standard flat roof overlay installation with options for 10, 15, 20 life expectancy profiles.

Recommended For Overlaying

  • EPDM membranes
  • GRP roofing systems
  • OSB3 T&G structural roof decks
  • Metal and fibre roof decks
  • Gypsum & cement Boards
  • Concrete Roofs
  • Note – If you require to overlay felt or asphalt you will need to utilise reinforcing fabric in a two layer wet out profile. See our felt overlay kits here

Your kit contains

  • Classic Liquid Primer
  • Classic Liquid Waterproof Coating (Top Coat)
  • Options to add detailer and joint sealer

These off the shelf kits do not include trims –  we have found that our customers prefer to choose any trims required for themselves.

If you wish to purchase trims separately – go here 

Need a toolkit – go here

RKD can always tailor a kit to suit your needs – see our get a quote form for your convenience.

Product Content
60m2 Classic Liquid 10yr
Topcoat 6 X 15 Kg
Primer 3 X 4 litre
Classic Liquid 15yr
Topcoat 9 X 15 Kg
Primer 3 X 4 litre
Classic Liquid 20yr
Topcoat 19 X 15 Kg
Primer 3 X 4 litre

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Primer data sheet
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Topcoat TDS
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