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TRIROOF ACRYLIC Roofing & Repair 5kg

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Product Information

The one coat compound is reinforced by fibres which allow it to be applied across small gaps and cracks.

This is an acrylic base resin so it can be applied in damp conditions.

Ready to apply – no catalyst

Allweather application and protection

Easy to use one coat system

Adheres to almost any surface

Effective instantly

Fibre reinforeced – seals gaps/cracks

Ideal for emergency repairs


One coat should be applied to structurally sound surfaces nominally by brush as it has a thick consistency making rolling difficult. For maximum effectiveness all roof surfaces must be sound, dry and free from contamination. Inspect the roofing substrate to ensure suitability for coating.


You will use 0.3kg per m2 for non porous surfaces such as metal

You will use 0.5kg per m2 for porous surfaces such as asbestos or felt

In generic terms a 20kg tin will cover circa 40m2