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Do I need Special Tools for EPDM Rubber Roofing

RKD ethics are to provide the kit or product required, simply and professionally. Rubber Roofing can be absolutely ideal for the competent DIY user.

As far as tools are concerned will only typically need a standard 9" roller set, mini roller and brush for applying the adhesives and primers.

A Seam Roller is a useful tool for tapes and joins and the RESITRIX system will require a heat gun for joins.

Seam Roller for removing air and ensuring good key.

For a one piece mebrane from our ClassicBond, and ShedCover ranges the only tool that might be termed specialist is a seam roller.

A seam roller is used to compress the flashing and seam tapes when a repair or a join is being made in the rubber membrane. If the roof only consists of a single membrane sheet with no joins or patches then you will only require the basic hand tools as follows:

  • 9" Paint Roller for you to apply water based adhesive

  • 4" Mini Roller for you to apply contact adhesive

  • 2" Paint Brush for you to apply primer to clean EPDM

  • A good pair of scissors or utility knife for cutting or finally trimming the membrane

Our Resitrix system (which comes in rolls and is self adhesive) is slightly more specialist in tool terms than the EPDM systems above as it requires a Heat gun and Seam roller to make a join in the membrane

The heat gun is used to melt the underside of the overlap top sheet and the seam roller is used to compress the overlapped seam. A good weld is indicated by a bleed from the bitumen backing.

The basic hand tools required are as follows:

Seam roller and heat gun to Resitrix epdm membrane
  • 9" Paint Roller used to apply FG35 primer

  • Scissors for cutting the membrane to size