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What's the biggest size EPDM roofing sheet I can buy?

The biggest sheet size available from RKD, in each system, is as follows.

Note - All sheets can be joined where the roof size is bigger than the maximum sheet size: ClassicBond & Shedcover 1.2mm - 15.25m x 30.5m (50ft x 100ft) ClassicBond & Shedcover 1.5mm - 15.25m x 15.25m (50ft x 50ft) DuoPly 2.54mm - 1.52m x 12.20m (5ft x 40ft) RESITRIX 2.50mm - 1M x 10M (3ft 4" x 32ft 10")

The biggest EPDM one piece sheet sizes available in the Roofing Kits Direct range come from our ClassicBond range.

Membranes can be supplied in one continuous sheet up to -

15.25 metres x 30.5 metres in the 1.2mm thick membrane and

15.25 metres x 15.25 metres in the 1.5mm thick membrane.

RKD understand that covering your roof with a new membrane that has no onsite joins is perceived reassuring and offers piece of mind. However RKD would note that jointing technology in any of our EPDM systems comes as strong as the membrane itself. Therefore multiple sheets joined together onsite actually offers a more practical solution - large membrane sheets do offer a handling challenge.

In pragmatic terms, whilst 15m x 30m sheets are available, RKD believe that this will be a rare occurrence. We thertefore offer to cut sheets to size for you. You can order any size you wish up 15m x 30m!

Typical Weights are: -

1.5kg/square metre & 2kg/square metre for 1.2mm & 1.5mm thick respectively

Our Resitrix and Duoply systems come in standard roll sizes and are designed to be joined on site. Both of these systems are re-inforced which makes them the preferred choice for big roofs

Typical Weights:

RESITRIX 1m x 10m roll = 30kg / roll

DuoPly 1.52m x 12.20m = 32kg / roll

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