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Can EPDM be laid over an existing roof covering?

Each of our EPDM Rubber membrane roofing systems can be bonded to a range of different surfaces.

If you plan to leave your existing roof covering in place and install a new waterproof membrane over the top of it please consider the following:

  • ROT - A roof is only as good as its foundation timber work - If the existing roof deck and supporting timbers are rotten there's no way around this they will need to be removed and replaced. OSB3 or exterior grade plywood are recommended for EPDM

  • UPGRADE INSULATION - Whilst you are renovating your roof consider a new warm deck insulation. - If the existing roof deck is good then in most cases the existing waterproof layer such as felt can be left in place. A new insulation can be bonded over the top using PU adhesive or mechanically fixed using screws and washers. Our new waterproof membrane can then be bonded to the insulation.

Below is a tabular guide to what and when -

Note - Our fleece backed DuoPly™ and bitumen backed RESITRIX® systems are more versatile in these circumstances .

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