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Can I install a cement screed over my EPDM Membrane?


EPDM rubber membranes are not effected by cement or lime additives, unlike TPO and plastic single ply membranes, making them ideal for waterproofing screed decks.

Our clients often utilise Geotextile Matting laid over the top of the EPDM to give it added protection from sharps in the screed.

EPDM Membranes are also often used as a waterproof barrier underneath exposed cement screeds. They offer a much tougher alternative to a traditional visqueen membrane which are often damaged by the aggregates in screeds.

Ideal applications include balconies, terraces and reinforced concrete roof decks over underground structures.

Our EPDM roofing membranes offer an attractive waterproof finish to roofs but are only designed to withstand light foot traffic. Thus they are unsuitable to take point loads which can damage the membrane.

In example - If you wish to use the roof as a balcony for garden furniture and garden planters etc then a tougher finished surface than just the EPDM is required.

The addition of a 70mm cement screed over the EPDM membrane will both protect the membrane and its watertightness and provide a tough wear resistant surface which can then nicely finished with decorative tiles or fully bonded promenade tiles.

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