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Which Rubber Roofing System is best for me?

RKD have five Rubber Roofing Systems with Rubber Roofing Kits available.

Thus we believe that with some consideration we will have the right kit and products to suit your project.

So how do you decide which membrane is best for you?

Below is a quick overview of our EPDM and Rubber flat roofing systems with links to our landing pages for more information.

Beneath you will find a comparison table between our systems which should guide you in the right direction.

Our Rubber Roofing Solutions

We have five different roofing solutions for you to choose from:

1 - The One-Piece ClassicBond system is our most popular EPDM. It comes in 2 types of Kit (standard property size kits and generic meterage kits) and you can use our kit builder for a tailored kit at no extra cost. It comes in two thicknesses 1.2mm (standard) and 1.52mm Commercial) This is ideal for small to medium sized flat roofs up to 100m2. This system offers good value for money, a 50 year life expectancy and is highly popular due to ease of installation and the fact that most roofs will be installed in one piece without the need for any joins.

2 - The Resitrix Self Adhesive EPDM system is perfect for larger commercial flat roofs & gutter lining. Sheets are heat welded with a heat gun and have reinforced membrane. This is ideal for overlaying existing roofing often without the need to strip back.

3 - The Duoply Fleece reinforced Membrane is also ideal for larger roofs where ClassicBond may not be an option. This is a cold applied system and popular due to speed of installation.

4 - The Elastathane Liquid waterproofing system is ideal for complicated roofs where a the above membranes may not be an option. Popular due to its straight out of the tin approach. This system can be laid onto existing felt.

5 - Shedcover is our most cost effective roof system designed specifically for out buildings, rooms and sheds etc.

Below is an image of our comparison data - please go to our Rubber Systems Comparison web page for best view

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