How do I prepare the roof surface before applying ElastaThane?

February 1, 2018

Even RKD use the strapline "Straight out of the tin" for ElastaThane. But like most jobs there's preparation work to be done before this becomes a reality.

Good Bonding is a vital key in liquid roofing so you must ensure that all surfaces are clean (properly clean), dry and free from any debris or dirt. What does this mean - well not just a quick sweep, even on a new roof - 


  1. You MUST (if at all possible) pressure wash and scrub the surface to remove any built up dirt. 

  2. If chemicals are used to clean the roof make sure that it is washed down thoroughly with clean water before applying any rubber product including ElastaThane. Remember the roof needs to be dry before application.

  3. If solvent is used in the cleaning process remember to allow the solvent to evaporate before beginning any application.

  4. Again - ALL SURFACES MUST BE DRY before any application.

  5. All screws, joints and any blemishes should be filled with a PU sealer and smoothed/tooled before application. This includes any 90 degree angles such as upstands, skylights or piping. If voids are evident first fill with a polyethylene foam to provide backing support leaving space for the PU sealer to complete - as a guide the PU sealer should be applied on a 1:1 depth to width ratio.

  6. Apply primer to all surfaces.

    1. It should be 5 degrees or warmer

    2. Application must be even - at least 200g per sq m

    3. DO NOT allow any pooling of primer (it will react with the top coat)

    4. The primer MUST be touch dry before you apply top coat ( again if not it will react with the top coat) Allow 2-4 hours drying time.

    5. Apply the top coat the same day as you applied the primer


Note, as with any rubber roof application, everything must be dry to start with and kept dry throughout - If it rains before the primer is touch dry, dry the surface and reapply the primer as above.

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