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Is Rubber or EPDM Roofing a good choice?

The short answer is yes - there are many reasons to choose an EPDM roof solution.

If you are looking for flat roof materials with long lasting ability, and well within the DIY users capability, EPDM is a great choice. Highly cost effective, easy to install, long lasting and recyclable.

You will note that we refer to Rubber Roofing and EPDM. EPDM is the term professionals use, it stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer and is a flat roofing material designed to be able to stand up to the most extreme conditions that a flat roof will face.

Durability is the key factor that provides EPDM with long lasting ability. Roofing Kits Direct provide Rubber- EPDM flat roof kits and materials which have a realistic life expectancy in excess of 30 -50 years.

Comprising a permanently flexible design, EPDM is designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions, including extreme weather cycles, changing climates, plus protection from the acids found in rainwater and constant exposure to direct UV.

Rubber Roofing is specifically designed as a flat roof material, it is installed in one piece with no overlapping (as in traditional roofing).

Completely waterproof EPDM not only repels all moisture but uniquely presents a 'breatheable' quality allowing any vapours to escape negating blister appearance.

Our membrane kits are highly resistant to both ultraviolet and infrared light so aging is not an issue. Thus it does not suffer from cracking or grazing.

Life Expectancy in excess of 50 Years.

OK RKD are honest, simple and straight forward.

Durability and Guarantee/Warantee are different. RKD offer a warantee on our EPDM kits (if correctly installed) of 20 years.

However in terms of life expectancy we see this as very conservative. Extremely durable it is a well known fact that rubber roofs installed in the 1960's in the USA are still doing the job today.

EPDM sheets can be recycled after use as the rubber mats used in children’s playgrounds, or can be used as fuel to help reduce dependency on fossil fuels.

For user confidence household name companies such as Honda, Microsoft, Staples and Barclaycard have installed EPDM roofing. Well known users are schools, shopping centres, railway stations, hospitals, commercial and residential properties across the globe.

Over 1 billion square metres of EPDM material have been installed worldwide!

The benefits

  • Long lasting life expectancy

  • Permanent flexibility

  • Highly resistant to UV and infrared light

  • Highly resistant to acids from rainwater

  • Environmentally friendly

  • No shrinkage in a temperature variation from -40 to +120 degrees C

  • RKD membranes can be fixed onto nearly every roof surface

Typical applications of EPDM include:


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