Can I use EPDM membrane to construct a green or Eco Roof?

July 30, 2018


A Green Roof, which is often called an 'eco-roof' or 'living roof' is a roof which is wholly or partly covered with vegetation and a growing medium. This is planted over a waterproofing membrane.


EPDM Rubber is ideal for green roof construction and widely used as the waterproof membrane of choice. EPDM wins out as it is very easy to install, highly durable and resilient - the perfect medium.


ECO roofs are designed to absorb rainwater, provide increased insulation,  create a habitat for wildlife. These are becoming increasingly popular in the city environment and help lower urban air island temperatures. RKD would add that eco conscious diy enthusiasts are increasingly looking at green roof options for extensions, outbuilding and garden rooms.


NB : Before starting any green roof or roof garden project you must make doubly certain that the structure of the roof is sufficient to take the extra weight involved. Remember structural calculations must take account for the extra weight of soil and vitally the retained water that will be present. A fall of 1:50 towards any gutters should be considered. In other words 20mm fall in every metre.


This incline can be added to normally flat roofs by installing wedged fillets to the existing joists and re-boarding. To contain the soil and planting/vegetation up-stands are created out of tanalised timber which prevents rot.


A smaller up-stand will obviously be installed at the gutter edge  to allow drainage.


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