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How to install a green roof using EPDM membrane

Before you consider the ECO roof option make certain that you ensure your roof structure is sound and structurally strong enough.

Example types of ECO roofs and make-up

An intensive green roof - replicate ground level garden

  1. Sedum Blanket

  2. Sedum Substrate

  3. Filter flleece

  4. Bio Drain

  5. Root Barrier

  6. RKD EPDM membrane

  7. Depth 120mm

A Bio Diverse roof

  1. Wildflower, aggregate

  2. Biodiverse soil mix

  3. Filter fleece

  4. Bio Drain

  5. Root barrier

  6. RKD EPDM membrane

  7. Depth - various

An Extensive low maintenance roof

  1. Planting, paving, decking

  2. Intensive soil

  3. Filter Fleece

  4. Geo Drain

  5. Root Barrier

  6. RKD EPDM membrane

  7. Depth - Various

General installation

1) Install your tanalised wooden frame which will retain the green roof components. Remember that the gutter edge frame will be lower to allow drainage. 2) Install the EPDM roof membrane as normal - see how to install an EPDM roof. 3) Lay a sheet of geotextile fleece over the EPDM. This will protect the membrane and also help retain moisture. 4) Install a drainage layer using either rounded washed pebbles. 5) Fit a second geotextile membrane or similar rot resistant hi tensile membrane to retain soil and to avoid the drainage layer silting up. 6) Add your soil layer. design your soil depth to suit your choice of planting and plant root depth. 7) Plant up the area with your choice of species.

Obviously before you commence your roof take due consideration of roof type envisaged - plant choice taking note of growth rate, water requirements, maintenance an how your roof is positioned in relation to the sun.