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Our Guide To Getting More For Less

We’ve put our heads together and come up with out top tips to save you money and ensure you get more for less when completing home improvements and DIY Projects. Whilst this is a generic article and not roofing specific you’d be surprised at several areas which apply.

If you don’t ask you don’t get.

It’s a simple as that! There is no shame in asking. We recently bought new wallpaper for the office, there wasn’t quite enough full rolls to complete our requirements.. We asked a member of staff about the sample roll which was near on ¾ full, they gave it to us free of charge! It saved us sourcing the last full roll we needed and it was a freebie! Don’t forget staff members are becoming more and more used to bargaining British ways and the worst they can say is “Sorry, I can’t do that” but like we said if you don’t ask you won’t get. Be brave! We often get asked if we can do something on the price for large orders at Roofing Kits Direct, 9/10 there is often something we can do - perhaps a discount on your next order?.

End of season sales.

Keep those seasons in mind, shops change stock several times a year and building trades can be seasonal, so it’s definitely worth browsing the aisles and online shops when the time comes. We would recommend the end of each season. It’s also worth bearing in mind tying these visits in with payday, businesses go mad for a payday they know you’ve just been paid and ready to encourage you spend. Take advantage of this checking out their deals and coupons.

Black Friday

All hail the 24th November! Until a few years ago this was an American thing but slowly the UK retailers have been catching up and getting involved the sale. We promise not everywhere will be a battle and there’s only a few who charge at you with shopping trolleys. We joke! In all seriousness Black Friday is now so widely known that you can access most sale items online, from the safety and comfort of your favorite chair. We will certainly be getting in on the action, from the comfort of our office! Keep up to date with our sales on Facebook & Twitter

Christmas Aftermath

You are feeling full and perhaps light in the pocket by the Christmas expenditure and if your lucky had a little too much Xmas cheer. However if you forward plan, now you can really take advantage of the Christmas Blues. January sales will be boasting a whole host goodies and not just toys. DIY stores and online stores jump on this too, so it’s worth remembering if you have an upcoming project to put some pennies aside ready for these sneaky sales! Roofing Kits Direct will be joining in.

Weigh up your options.

Local or travel? We always support local businesses, however sometimes we know that just isn’t possible. That’s why we stay neutral over at Roofing Kits Direct If you find local materials but the cost is hefty, it may be worth searching online or widening your search. Don’t forget to weigh up time and travel as these are costly and may just amount up to the local price regardless. Or you can be like us and order online and accept the delivery like a present!

Keep home improvements in mind.

At first this seems a small thing, but by keeping your future projects fresh in your mind you will be able to jump on flash sales and discounts that you stumble across. So you may not have everything you need yet, but by building up materials slowly and keeping an eye out for bargains you are bound to complete for less than originally costed. Thus giving you more pennies for those special treats! RKD always have a product of the month which is discounted so keep ahead of the game.

Don’t hesitate.

We have lost count of the amount of times our customers linger over a sale, don’t buy then panic when it’s over. Usually there is a reason as to why a business is having a flash sale or increasing a discount for limited time only. We could all wait forever for prices to drop but usually if something is at a good price for more than 24 hours, you should take the plunge! You may end up regretting it if not.

Can you DIY it?

If we all dug deep, we could find a tiny craftsman/woman inside. It’s worth being organised when it comes to DIY and Home improvements because there is always something we can tweak and create ourselves that would reduce a cost to us. By putting in an hour or so you are eliminating at least reducing a cost. This could make the world of difference in even beginning a project. For example that utility room extension roof is looking a bit tired, someday it’s going to leak - you know it in your bones. RKD roof kits are suitable for any competent DIYer - really, are you sure? Have a look at the tranche of videos available, it’s not rocket science - with just a bit of research just think of the money you can save by doing it yourself

Can you borrow it?

Now we aren’t talking about Barry from down the road who borrowed your heat gun 3 months ago and hasn’t returned it. If you are like Barry, you should get your own! If you can borrow tools for the job, then go ahead. Just maintain or clean them properly. Cut costs where you can that won’t impact the quality of your project. Remember that one man’s rubbish is another man's treasure. You might even surprise yourself! This is really relevant to part used silicon tubes or adhesives and that half full bag of Nails lying in someones garage.

Look for faults.

Why? You may ask but, if you can find a tiny fault that doesn’t affect the the job the material/tool is supposed to do. Won’t be an eyesore to you or others then go ahead and grab someone. Staff in uniform that is. Now the trick here is to be polite, those guys work hard just like you and me and don’t respond well to grumpy and demanding customers. So politely and quietly point out the dent, scuff, fault and ask if there is anything the manager could do because you need one (whichever item) and you would be willing to pay a discounted price despite the fault.

A prime example of this is our friend went to buy a new mattress for their bed, they found a brilliant mattress which was originally £800, it was a super thick memory foam singing and dancing one. On close inspection the near the handle where you would pick up the mattress there was a small hole in the fabric. Our friend knowing that this would be covered by a bed sheet and wouldn’t cause any problem with the item functioning knocked down the price to £180 (with delivery) genius!

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