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What! - No Christmas and New Year Sale - Why?

Startling news - RKD who provide low cost roofing kits throughout the year are bucking the trend.

No free give aways, No tempting sales or marketing gestures to entice custom across the festive season.


Well we've thought about this long and hard.

This is the season of goodwill. We wanted to do our bit, no matter how small when you look at the big picture.

Our prices are always low - So instead of offering the traditional seasonal sales and discounts we thought we'd take this theoretical percentage and simply donate it to a worthy cause.

Which one? There are so many deserving causes, which in itself is rather thought provoking. Charity donation will always be personal - We like to support local businesses but are aware our client base is national so decided to donate to one local cause and one wider entity.

We chose two causes

As parents and a family run business we think of Christmas and children in the same breath, everyone does - however our perceptions were staggered to learn that right on our doorstep there are many adolescent and older patients in hospital who are completely forgotten at this time of year and who simply don't even have the basics of hygiene or toiletry let alone a simple tin of biscuits or a mince pie. So we are going to undertake and donate an RKD Christmas shop of these and other items to our local Hospital.

Secondly, like you, our awareness of mental illness and its causes is increasing. This affects so many people - everyone knows someone in their peer group who knows someone with difficulties here.

We perceive that the provision of essential ongoing, perhaps long term support seems to be facing difficulties here - we thought we'd like to help in a small way if we could.

So RKD will be donating a value of 5% of all sales throughout December to the MIND charity.

Frankly our customers get really good prices 24/7, 365 days a year - we hope our small efforts in a different direction this year are understood.