RKD seasonal fund raising

January 8, 2019

Roofing Kits Direct are pleased to inform all interested parties that our December efforts in support of the MIND charity have proved very successful.


You may recall that we decided not to follow the trend of holding an Xmas/New Year sale as a marketing ploy rather donate a percentage of our sales in December to a worthy cause.


With our prices market leading all year round we thought a different approach was called for - so we very much appreciate that our customers bought into our goodwill seasonal ethic and we are delighted that on 7th January 2019 we donated £265.32 to our designated xmas charity.



We will be looking into how best we can increase our support for deserving causes throughout 2019.


We understand that our thoughts or indeed the donation is not world shattering but we think we are moving in the right direction so again thank you for your support - it's highly appreciated.

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