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EPDM Rubber Roofing Chapter 3- M2 based EPDM kits

In support of our customer preferences RKD have launched an upgraded range of 1.2mm and 1.5mm Rubber Roofing Kits in square metre component form.

In essence we have combined our separate ranges of kits into two all purpose offerings which are ideal for all EPDM roofing circumstances.

These kits are perfect for Porches, extensions, garages, bay windows, dormers, outbuildings etc.

Our new ranges are designed for customers to have both choice and build their own roof kit to exact requirements.

We offer a M2 based basic kit of epdm and adhesives - then the options to add trims + tools + drain + supplies - everything you need, but only if you want them - You choose.

One major advantage is that previously purchasers in the industry had to consider overlap scenarios. That is allowing extra factors to their roof measurement size to ensure overlap of membrane to each edge.

Concerns here are solved - All our kits accommodate for overhang allowance automatically

Kit advantages

Easy to install

Ideal for all flat roofs

50 year life expectancy

Suit both trade and DIY installers

Increased small size roof options

1 piece membrane provision

Buy your kit with or without trims,

Buy kit with or without tools,

Buy with or without sealants

Installation guide

Installation videos here

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