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What have Roofing Kits Direct been up to?

It feels like it's been forever since we gave you all an update, so make yourself a cuppa and see what we've been up to in 2019 so far.

This year we've been busy working those hamster wheels behind the scenes to make Roofing Kits Direct the best that can be. This never stops.

2019 saw us bring in several great new products:

  • Fire Retardant Topcoat - not only did we market this topcoat as a stand alone product but we also put together a superb range of fibreglass FR kits to save our customers the hassle of building one up themselves. The Triroof fire retardant line has the top quality fire rating of EXT.F.AB according to BS476 part 3.

  • Here's a link through to our first rate TriRoof Platinum Fire Retardant Fibreglass Roofing kits. RKD fully support all efforts to improve fire safety protocols in building and this is to the forefront of all thoughts this year.

  • As part of the TriRoof line we now present a clear topcoat on the website, this has rapidly become a very popular product that our customers love. Initially manufactured for our premium roofing lines this topcoat is also marine grade and can therefore be used for a multitude of projects such as ponds and water craft.

  • In association with the clear topcoat we released 33 polyester pigments ensuring our customers have full freedom of custom colour choice when it comes to they're roofing projects. These pigments are designed to be used with the TriRoof clear topcoat and blend seamlessly to give you the perfect custom coloured coating.

  • If mixing on site isn't your thing, and let's face it in-situ colour matching is not easy - we have combined the clear topcoat and pigments within a new range of Premium coloured roofing kits mixed in our warehouse and delivered ready to go on delivery in the colour of your choice.

Improved customer services

For Roofing Kits Direct our customer service ethic is one thing we do boast about. This year we implemented Trust Pilot - we felt it was time to ensure any new or potential customers that we work hard to give you the best buyer experience we can. We also felt that to match our very honest way of dealing with any issues they would be able to see comments straight from our customers mouths.

Our striving for 100% perfection in product delivery is ever present. We pride ourselves in service with genuine customer care and on the odd occasion where life and third parties conspire to present a short delay, we are always upfront and take personal care to resolve any issue that presents itself as a matter of urgency. We believe that our feedback speaks for itself.

Our customers are never out of pocket and we are always pragmatic, honest and supportive. RKD always advise our customers to speak or email us as soon as possible if they are concerned in any way - thus we have the best chance to ensure a happy outcome for the product and service our customers deserve.

Mobile Shopping

We have been analysing how our customers shop with us. At first we believed that a lot of our customers were shopping on desktop. Looking at the usage we noticed that the majority of shoppers were now using their mobile devices with desktop coming in second and a small amount of shoppers using tablets. With this in mind we have been focusing our attentions on the mobile version of our site and taking away any clutter that would get in the way of a seamless transaction. This is an ongoing improvement for us and a tricky balance between ease of use and information provision. We continue to ask our customers for any feedback they may have.

What's in store 2019/2020

Remember those hamster wheels I mentioned... Well we have several new product ranges landing with RKD in the coming months - for now we will keep these under wraps, but we can tell you that the quality will be second to none and as always our pricing will remain extremely competitive.

There's talk in the office of a new website and expansion on Roofing Kits Direct market profile. We've been working really hard expanding our catalogue and working closely with our market leading suppliers to bring you the very best in new composites in the near future.

Although it's a little hush hush for now, we can tell you that our outdoor home improvements products will be expanding. We will be announcing our news as soon as we can. Keep your eyes peeled for any launch sales in the very near future!

Christmas 2019

Last year we had a very rewarding time, we chose not to donate money but give a more personal approach. We donated to adults, young and old at Southampton General hospital. We found out that many patients are alone and rather isolated when in hospital so we gathered lots of essential Xmas and personal items that most of us take for granted, and through the fantastic hospital support programme they were distributed with our blessings. A small token in the grand scheme of things but we found the whole experience remarkably uplifting. Our seasonal fund raising, where we donated a percentage of profits to Mind charity, was also a great way for us to work with you (our customers) and give back together.

We will be working closely with deserving charities again this year and we're very excited to do so. There will be a post on this closer to the time so that you see exactly where your money goes. If you have any national or local charities in mind that you think could benefit, please do email with a link for us to take a look at.

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