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The weather has changed - beware rain and moisture

Hello all installers and potential fibreglass roofing customers.

Well the weather has changed from summer to more like autumn this week

If you want your roof to be the aesthetic and functional entity you envisaged please be aware of the potential issues of moisture and rain

We have had several customers caught out with the recent changeable weather conditions through lack of foresight

we strongly advise the following

  • To install a fibreglass roof everything must be dry.

  • If you think it might rain be prepared to counter or consider not even starting.

  • Always have a tarp and securing it ready to hand just in case - it's a simple, quick and issue preventable solution if a surprise shower rolls in.

  • Watch out for morning and early evening moisture from mist, dew or in the air.

Currently temperatures remain pretty good so we don't need winter based catalysts yet - but moisture or rain is a big no no at any time for the installer.

Simply, water damage while installing can cost you valuable time and effort to remedy - but it's easy to avoid - just be prepared and vigilant .

Sorry if we are preaching to the converted - a stitch in time saves nine - plan ahead be prepared.