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Well we wanted to take part in Black Friday.

However we had a thought - our prices are always the best keeping our quality ethics at the forefront.

So do we take a hit just to be a part of this?

Should we inflate our base prices just to show a manufactured saving - I don't think so, that's not what we are about.

Should we put the price up and then offer free shipping - again this just doesn't sit well

So we came up with the golden ticket idea ( obviously inspired by Willy Wonka)

Each day from 29/11/19 to 06/12/19 we will give one lucky customer a percentage cash back refund against their order straight into their bank account.

Not earth shattering but a nice little bonus for the lucky DIY or trade installer - certainly in the spirit of the event.

That's 8 Golden Tickets and we will display on social media each winner and count down on this offer.

Good Luck

Neil Sutton

Managing Director

Roofing Kits Direct