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RKD - the coronavirus - our business

Hello everyone

RKD like to communicate, we think it's good business and vital customer service.

As always we keep our customers fully up to date, honestly and openly. So we anticipate that this will be the first information blog of several on the subject.

So the coronavirus is at the forefront of everyones mind at the moment. How does this affect RKD and more importantly our customers?

Currently there is no impact for our customers - business as usual.

Like everyone we are watching closely and understand that the virus spread will increase over the coming weeks/months and will have impact on everyone, personal and business alike.

We operate a modern online business and have already strengthened our work from home capabilities wherever possible. Telephone and email communications will be no different for our customers.

Currently there are no changes to our business hours nor customer service criteria. We are washing our hands diligently, using PPE equipment where possible and all staff are fully aware of best practice guidelines. We take their welfare as a priority.

How might the projected spread of the virus affect us/customers in the near future?

We can see two obvious areas in the short/mid term which could be impacted because of human elements and/or self isolation protocols as we move toward a peak infection scenario.

  • There is potential that our warehouse(s) operations may be affected by staff shortages.

  • There is potential that courier services may similarly be affected

We would state that currently there are no issues in these areas -

However should circumstances develop, which seems probable to a currently unknown extent, we envisage that there is potential that our current next day delivery protocols, which apply across all our product ranges, could be impacted to possibly increasing degree. Deliveries could possibly take a little longer than our normal fast service.

We are making strides to ensure that our ranges of stock are monitored to prevent shortages in the long term.

Obviously this aspect is a rapidly developing one so we'll keep in touch via blog and website ongoing.