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How much does a fibreglass roof cost in 2020?

Good Question. Below we have tried to indicate possible guide to costs - this isn't a sales piece, more information. - If you'd like to see our kits go here. Otherwise this is an information post.

We can't cover all the variables, you'd die of boredom and never read this post if we did - but this will give you a good incling - if you can't be bothered to read all of this just give us a call on 02381 229016 - we don't heavy sell our aim is to get you to where and what you need with a good chat - all our quotes are free and given quickly

There are quite a lot of variables even before you get to roof size etc, such as post code - The market dynamics mean a roof in London and the SE will cost more to install than a roof in say Yorkshire. This is due to labour and overheads costs being higher.

The big question however is are you going to do this yourself or pay for a builder/roofer to do it?

The positive cost impact for DIY is highly beneficial on your bank balance. Modern fibreglass roofing kits, such as those supplied by RKD and others, are easy to install if your are a reasonably competent diyer (especially if you can get a mate to help). There is lots of advice and installation guides around, (RKD supply this) - it's definitely not rocket science.

Obviously cost will be dependent upon roof size , if you need to overboard, new woodwork and so forth - so to give you something to work from we will use a 20sqm roof (typical garage or extension size) as an example.

A reputable and professional installer will charge about £90 per square metre for install - this would include OSB3 overboarding of the current deck once stripped back, all the materials and edge trims to complete the job in total. So the professional builder will charge anything between £1500 - £1800 for the 20sqm roof - probably more in the SE/London.

You also need to consider if there are any non normal circumstances such as access, height, is scaffolding required etc etc which will increase the bill (not considered below).

Thousands of DIYers and handy persons install fibreglass roof kits every year - Why not you? - So what do the materials cost ?

As an example of a common roof size for garage or extension a 20sqm kit from RKD comes in 3 grades each with 3 weight parameters.

We provide standard, premium and Fire retardant roof kits - each one comes with the option to choose whether you require 450g, 600g or double layer 450g weight of matting - Sounds confusing - well actually it's not really

here's an outline of RKD kit grades

  1. Standard kit - engineered especially for roofing - very cost effective, yet really good quality.

  2. Premium kit - the very highest quality kit - 25yr product guarantee - 100% pure resin - lloyds approved- add value to your property!

  3. Platinum Fire Rated kit - the very best of premium combined with the top rated fire retardant topcoat

Here's an outline re weight of matting for your kit

  • 450gsm is the standard choice of fibreglass roof

  • 600gsm is designed for roofs with regular foot traffic

  • Double 450gsm is for heavy foot traffic such as balcony or walkway

So you choose the grade and the the weight you require

Lets give you an idea of costs

Materials cost - guide for an example 20m2 fibreglass roofing kit (costs as per 2020 review) - other suppliers may differ, and these costs do not include any offers or discounts which may be available-

Roof kit

  • 20m2 standard

  • 450g - £166 + £24.40 shipping + £38.08 VAT = £228.48

  • 600g - £191 + £24.40 shipping + £43.08 VAT = £258.48

  • Double 450g - £265 + £24.40 shipping + £57.88 VAT = £347 .28

  • 20m2 Premium

  • 450g - £215 + £24.40 shipping + £47.88 VAT = £287.28

  • 600g - £245 + £24.40 shipping + £53.88 VAT = £323.28

  • Double 450g - £299 + £24.40 shipping + £64.68 VAT = £388.08

  • 20m2 Platinum Fire retardant

  • 450g - £215 + £24.40 shipping + £47.88 VAT = £287.28

  • 600g - £254 + £24.40 shipping + £55.68 VAT = £334.08

  • Double 450g - £324 + £24.40 shipping + £69.68 VAT = £418.08

So in general terms a 20m2 fibreglass roof kit will cost circa £228 to £418 depending on how high the quality you feel is required

In guidance RKD sell about the same levels of 450g and 600g weight kits, many DIY homeowners plump for 600g simply for their own peace of mind even though they are only going to walk on the roof for general cleaning purposes one or two times a year

To compliment your kit you will need edge trims to ensure roof edge waterproofing - these would cost an additional £80 - £100

To give you an idea a tool kit if for this size roof would cost circa £40 - but you may have some of the tools already

So we've covered the kit, the trims and possibly tools

But what if you need to install a new or overboarding deck - RKD recommend use of OSB3 T&G boards which in todays climate can cost anything up to £20 each - you would need 14 or 15 for a 20sqm roof - so with delivery let's say £300 - and add £25 for sundries such as screws, nails, silicon etc

So a new 20m2 fibreglass roof could cost circa £350 to £550 if your current deck is sound or £600 - £750 if you need a new deck but -

Remember a roofer will charge you circa £1800/£2000 - it's a big difference

If you choose to do it yourself allow 2 days or a week-end - this time is how the extra grand for a roofer to complete arises.

So if you have the time, do it yourself - If you don't, and many don't. make sure you get at least 3 quotes, and if you can, get a personally recommended roofer who specialises in fibreglass.

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