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Black Friday - seemingly tempting offers? - RKD take a different tack in these challenging times.

Many are offering discounts, Black Friday deals, free offers, and so on and so on.

As all our customers know RKD approach seasonal offers, sales, and so forth in a very different way to everybody else.

We've looked at many of the 'sales' within and related to the construction industry - cheaper, free this and that, % discounts and so forth. Our customers are extremely discerning and frankly question why, how and is the deal as good as it sounds?

Well we would state that if the deal is as good as it sounds then you should go for it. But caution.......... we also see a good deal of manufactured sales offers - We think you know what we mean.

For some small businesses this is about survival, but not necessarily everyone within the construction and building arena, you've seen the government prioritise our industry. So is Black Friday and so on actually just jumping on the bandwagon. A basic desire to get as big a slice of the cake as you can?

Where's the seasonal spirit, where's the community ethic, could this be just a financial marketing tactic for some in our industry and nothing more?

Let's be frank - RKD will willingly admit that it is difficult for us to reduce our prices to any great extent - we sell known quality products at really good prices all year round - no cheap versions, no marketing tricks just good quality and good service which our whole ethos is based on.

But wait! - what about the massive number of people struggling mentally as a result of Covid - wouldn't you like to get a great product, good service yet actually do just a little something to help your fellow man - it could so easily be you after all.

So............... RKD won't be marketing bonanza sales and unbelievable offers like everyone else.........

From Black Friday until 21st December we will be donating a percentage of all profits 50:50 to the Mind charity and Age Concern, this isn't world-shattering, but we feel happier with this message rather than any financial one.

We have done similar strategies before and they have proved both successful and frankly

give both RKD and our customers a reward far superior to any financial gain

This is a win-win scenario for our customers - great products, good service, keen value, and the satisfaction and warmth of a selfless thought and just a little help for someone else.

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