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Communication - we thrive on it!

In this digital and fast moving world RKD believe that good communication is paramount

Have you noticed that with many businesses today it's quite difficult to get meaningful contact?

Sometimes you just can't help but get the feeling that they don't really want to communicate with you - or maybe they are putting barriers in the way making it time-consuming and frustrating.

We've all had the offshore call centre experience - soul destroying!

RKD welcome communication.

Yes really, good, bad, help or a problem we want to talk with you.

Our customers or indeed potential customers should never hesitate to get in touch - our operation is specifically designed so that first contact by email, phone or message is with a senior person who will actually help you, or will know who can, efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Ask any of our customers, many will tell you the first contact they had was with the MD - our policy is to support and help all who contact us.

Not the standard business operation model you are used to - communication straightaway with someone who can make a difference.

Like everyone we love getting great feedback, it makes our day.

However, we welcome communication when or if something has gone awry. From time to time thing's go wrong, not often, but that's reality - It's here that our customers find out that posts such as this are not marketing spiel but actually reflect the way we work.

We communicate and enable resolution asap

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