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Keeping The Home Warm- Affordable Tips

It's that time of year where one of us turns the heating up, the other person turns it down in the traditional battle of home temperature comfort.

At the RKD office we also love to keep warm and cosy in the winter months, so here are our top affordable tips for keeping your home warm.

  • Firstly for an instant warmer more cosy feel throw down a rug. Rugs bring rooms together not only in aesthetics but also bring a huge element of warmth. Now we have all the options to shop second hand via a marketplace, gumtree etc this is a great affordable way that works quickly.

  • Draught excluders, remember your Nan's house always had that big knitted snake at the bottom of the door. Just like that or you can purchase more modern options now.

  • Close your curtains ready for sundown, this time of year it tends to be around 4 pm-ish. This helps to keep the cold out and the warmth you already have, in. Whilst we are on the subject of curtains, it's worth purchasing a winter option of thicker curtains that you can switch as you please. It's important to remember to let the sunlight in, throughout the rest of the day.

  • Did you know that by installing floating shelves above radiators you help deflect the heat and distribute it more evenly around the room? Again when it comes to radiators, make sure none of your homely treasures or furniture is obstructing them to get the full benefit.

  • Close doors on unused rooms this helps to keep the used living space warmth from escaping.

  • If you feel cold, pop another layer on or throw on that trusty dressing gown. Give it a half-hour before resorting to turning the heating up just in case that layer was enough. Free warmth!

  • Don't ignore the benefit of fluffy socks and slippers. We lose heat through our hands and feet so keep them toes nice and toasty!

Really important..

Did you know the NHS recommend that if you have reduced mobility or are over 65 then 18c is the recommended temperature, even through the night? If you are struggling financially there is help out there in the winter you can find more out about the Winter Fuel Payment or Cold Weather Payment by clicking these links.

Let us know if you have any super savvy tips for keeping the home warm in the winter.