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Winter - Post reissue - How To Repair A Fibreglass Roof

So you've noticed some damage to your Fibreglass Roof or you can see there needs to be a minor repair. Firstly, don't panic! A small Fibreglass Repair can be easily completed yourself.

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*RKD Advise on protective equipment throughout the project.

Step One: Firstly you will need to cut the Fibreglass matting to the size of repair needed. We recommend you cut 50mm outside of the area that needs reinforcing, allowing overlap to roof on each side of the matting.

Step Two: Lay the cut matt central on top of the area that needs repairing and mark 20mm over on each side with your marker. This will ensure a tight seal repair.

Step Three: Use your sandpaper to rub over the edge of repair and onto the marked lines. This will create the best surface for repair. Ensure you stay within your markings without damaging the existing roof further.

Step Four: Saturate your cloth with the acetone and carefully apply to the area within the markings. This will improve the chemical and mechanical bonding of the repair.

Step Five: Mix a small amount of Resin with Catalyst, you can find ratios HERE, using the mixing stick to ensure that it's well blended. Use the Fluffy Roller to wet the area with the Resin within the lines.

Step Six: Place your Fibreglass patch centrally over the repair site. Use a Fluffy Roller to work the Resin to cover fully. Do not exceed the marked lines. The Paddle Roller can then be used to consolidate the area removing air bubbles. Pay attention to the edge of the area - it will help to create a flatter less obvious repair.

Leave to set 10-20 mins for jelly-like stage.

Step Seven: You can now mix Topcoat and Catalyst to apply the final coat to your repair. Again you can find our ratios HERE. Use the laminating brush to apply the Topcoat. The Topcoat may cover the markings but should not overlap them. It's advisable to be careful when applying the Topcoat, it will set how it is applied, so keep this in mind for a smoother finish.

That's it, you've completed your first Fibreglass Roof Repair.

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