EPDM roof membrane to shed

If you are replacing an existing roof covering, carefully remove the timber battens or edging previously used to secure the edge of the old roof covering. If they are in good condition they can be re-used unless you plan to fit new timber. Remove the old felt, any nails, sharps and repair any rotten roof timbers. You are now ready to follow the instructions below.

Unpack the roof membrane. Carefully position the membrane over the roof deck allowing it to hang over the roof on all sides. You may find this easier with two people. Allow 30 minutes for the membrane to relax Applying adhesive – approach one side at a time. First intermittently tape down with gaffa tape the side you are not fixing – this will keep the membrane square, If your shed is not too large fold back the side where adhesive is to be applied. ( If large tightly and evenly roll back and secure with tape.)

Apply adhesive evenly across the roof, work in sections and start from the ridge to the bottom edges. Please note that the adhesive must be wet when the membrane is attached so work methodically but briskly.​Roll or fold the membrane back down and smooth as you go.​Repeat for the other side of the roof Securing the roof edges​You have 3 options here

  1. Secure with clout nails directly
  2. Secure edge with timber batten (Originals you removed at the start or new ones
  3. Secure edges with metal edge trims and screws (provided) – for a secure fixing install timber battens to the shed roof board underside, this will give something solid to screw to.

​Finally, trim any rubber membrane overhanging the edges (if needed) to give a tidy professional appearance.