Is EPDM easy to apply? RKD would back EPDM as being one of the most the simplest materials to install as the average DIY’er or qualified installer. You’ll find most retailers, like ourselves provide comprehensive instruction manuals and videos to help along the process. On top of that, we provide full and complete support service, you can drop us an email any time or call us within business hours, and we’re always more than happy to help. Unlike some of its material competitors, EPDM can be installed in colder or hotter weather, therefore there is less pressure to rush when fitting.

How much does EPDM cost? We provide kits for all your rubber roofing needs, and we believe they are really reasonably priced. Per metre for 1.20mm £7.90 and 1.50mm £9.76. We desperately try to keep our prices competitive with all our flat roofing materials whilst obviously running the business and preserving our service.

What are the pros of using EPDM?It’s long-lasting, like we’ve mentioned before with the right installation and maintenance an EPDM roof could last in excess of 50 years. It’s so durable, an EPDM roof is able to withstand a lot of odds when it comes to roofing. The cost of repair is low. If for any unfortunate reason your EPDM roof requires a repair, then you can rest assured as the materials are not costly. It has a lightweight nature, meaning it is ideal for buildings that aren’t hugely structural.

How do I maintain an EPDM roof? It’s really easy to maintain your rubber roof, it may also help extend its longevity too. Firstly you will want to inspect for any damage (never go on a roof if it’s unsafe to do so) We advise wearing shoes with grip (no studs) so that you do not damage the roof in the process and always take general care when completing your inspection. You can use a normal household sweeping brush to clear away as much debris as possible. To “clean” your roof a little water and mop will be more than adequate for the job.

Can I put EPDM over GRP? Yes, you can. All our systems are designed to cover a variety of pre-existing roofs. However, it is vital that you check the existing roof and its integrity before laying it over with any material. Here is a table of our systems and what they can adhere to.

Is my EPDM roof OK to walk on? It’s a half-hearted yes from us. To install and maintain the roof (very light foot traffic) then it should be no problem. EPDM is designed for lightweight roofs, however, there are other materials you can lay over to enhance its foot traffic capabilities. Here’s some more information on walking on rubber roofs. HERE

I want to install an EPDM roof, but my project isn’t square?

That’s really no problem. We don’t all fit in a box, right!? You can master the forming of corners and splicing to be able to really fit snug to any shape roof. Our rubber roofing materials are all designed for ease of installation so you’ll find that each one has a way of simplifying when it comes to roofing a building that doesn’t have the standard square shape.

Is there a protective layer that needs to go over the EPDM? No, one of the major pro’s of EPDM is that it boasts high UV resistance. There is no other layer that you need to apply.

Can I have green EPDM? The honest answer is that no, we don’t think so. We’ve never come across coloured EPDM that’s specific for roofs. We will do some further research into this and update you accordingly. We can tell you that we provide the grey and that’s usually what our customers are expecting or would like.

Are EPDM roofs popular? Yes, in terms of flat roofing EPDM roofs are rising in popularity. This is mainly due to new builds and re-roofing needs and the steady growth shown from 2012. We expect that with the UK becoming more aware and Eco roofing needs increasing that it will remain a popular choice.