Poor Installation

At RKD we believe we are truly on hand every step on the way when installing our products, this is evident when looking at our customer’s roofs. Although we supply full and comprehensive installation guides, we will always advise our customers to only begin their project when they feel fully informed. Poor installation could lead to a multitude of problems at the time or even further down the line. The installation guide is available upon purchase along with catalyst charts, however a quick message and we are more than happy to send again for ease of access. sales@roofingkitsdirect.co.uk


It’s so important to maintain your lovely new flat roof, especially when we are heading into and after the Winter months. A build-up of debris can cause cracks within the roof as the accumulation can cause vegetation to grow.

Roof Coating

It’s extremely important to do your research on the weather when committing to a roofing project, in particular, checking that the products you are going to be using are compatible with the climate. Usually, when starting a fibreglass roof project you require half-decent weather and not wet/cold. Luckily we have a product that is specifically designed for use within the winter months. If your thinking about a roofing project you need to get during the colder months then you can find our Extra Cold Kits here.

Preparation Is Key

As with most projects its vital that you check the existing substrates. The life expectancy of your new roof can be seriously compromised if you don’t. This isn’t an area for money-saving, the substrates of your roof are the foundations and need to be structurally sound. If the deck is sound, then make sure it is clean, this will give you the best starting point to complete your new roof.


Give yourself time, taking time to ensure you are following the correct steps is integral to completing your roof successfully.