Our fibreglass roofing kits comprise the one of the most comprehensive and high quality portfolios in the UK.


We present off the shelf kits from 2.5 to 150m2 and free quotes for custom built fibreglass roofing kits.

Our portfolio comprises 333 fibreglass roofing kit options for DIY and Trade which are all now in winter specification - this includes the following ranges:-

Fibreglass roofing Kit Ranges

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Standard Extra Cold fibreglass roofing kits  -  Exclusive for the winter months - install from 0 degrees 

Standard fibreglass roofing kits    - engineered especially for roofing yet one of the most  cost effective available in the UK, and really good quality - light grey 

Standard colour fibreglass roofing kits -  options from 35 premixed colour fibreglass roofing kits 

Premium fibreglass roofing kits    - the very highest quality kits - 25yr product guarantee - 100% pure resin - Lloyds approved - mid grey and dark grey.

Premium colour kits - the very best of Premium with 35 colour fibreglass roof kit options

Platinum Fire Rated kits - TriRoof - the very best of premium fibreglass roofing products combined with the very top rated fire retardant topcoat

Within each range of our fibreglass roofing kits, each individual size kit comes with 3 options - 

450gsm - the standard choice of roof - 600gsm - regular foot traffic - A double layer of 450gsm - heavy foot traffic

All our fibreglass roofing kits provide the opportunity to purchase an installation tool or PPE kit of appropriate size. -


We also offer a full selection of edge trims, material products and installation tools and tool kits

RKD have assembled a fantastic range of EPDM rubber roofing kits which easily cover the most common roofing solutions and sizes.


Within each kit you'll find everything you need to tackle your roofing project. Building a complete kit.


Our ranges include one piece membrane options of 1.2mm and 1.5mm giving rubber roofing kits which are ideal for porches, extensions, garages, bay windows, dormers, outbuildings etc.

Build your own roof kit -

Our kits are metre square based and provide the basic elements of epdm and adhesives - If you require further you can easily add  trims + tools + drain + supplies in each individual kit -


Everything you need, but only if you want them - You choose.

Our rubber roofing kits are ideal for the Diyer and Trade alike

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ClassicLiquid Waterproofing flat roof kits - straight out of the tin. Couldn't be easier - Designed specifically for overlay - all that tedious strip back avoided.

Options for upstands, verticals, sealants and flex reinforcement etc.

The ClassicLiquid system is a rapid curing polyurethane liquid membrane designed for overlaying existing roofing systems to create a durable and seamless waterproof layer. 

  • 10, 15 & 20 year  liquid waterproofing roof kits

  • Felt overlay Liquid roofing kits

  • Walkway Liquid roofing kits

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