RKD specialise in Flat Roofing Kits, Tools and Supplies


Delivery lead times

Fibreglass Products 2 - 4 working days

Rubber and Liquid Products 2 - 7 working days


Product advisories:-

Fibreglass Bandage OUT OF STOCK

Rubber Membrane 1.2 and 1.5mm temporarily OOS for up to 10days

Masks -OOS - our tool kits will not include them for a short while

Our Budget Range

Pure resin, marine quality

Top FR Rating

Warehouse premixed

Quality Guage

Kits and individual tools

individual products

1 Piece Membrane

1 Piece Membrane

1 Piece Membrane

individual products


Flat Roof Liquid Overlay

Liquid & GRP

individual products

individual products


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Trending Products

The very best roofing resin

Superior Thickness

Install down to 0°C

best value epdm kits


RKD are a people company, our business revolves around them.


Whether our customer is part of a large company, a roofing installer or a homeowner - each one is dealt with professionally with good service and attention to detail. Whether your project is small or large, or you just need an individual product we will treat your order with the best care and service.


We offer high quality produce at really good prices and strive to enhance our kits to meet our clients needs ongoing. Our reward is knowing that for our customers when the kit arrives it will do the job.

Roofing Kits Direct offers choice and a smooth, informative and efficient ordering process of fibreglass, rubber and liquid roofing kits, materials and products. Simple.

Roofing Kits Direct provides tradesmen, builders, roofing contractors and DIY’ers a one stop shop for Flat Roofing Systems, kits, materials and tools. 

RKD (Roofing Kits Direct) is founded on ethics of simplicity, quality and provision of choice. We comprise decades of experience within ecommerce, construction and the flat roofing trade. Indeed all staff, from top to bottom are certified EPDM installers and we've practically hands-on installed Fibreglass - GRP roofing on site.


We are a family run business and specialise in flat roof covering kits. We source top quality products and roofing kits are our speciality. Whilst historically we have a long depth of business experience within the corporate, online and construction worlds we encourage a personal relationship with our customers and their projects.